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Putting Integrity First Turned Out To Be A Great
Business Plan

Hanawalt Exteriors Has Been Serving Columbus Since 1979…
And Our Longevity Is No Accident.

About Us

We do things differently at Hanawalt Exteriors.

When people said the only way to succeed as a home exterior company was to use high-pressure sales tactics and then sub-contract out all the work to a cheaper installation team, we didn't agree.

And when people said the only way to make a decent profit is to cut corners with cheaper products and lower quality service, we didn't listen to that either.

Maybe that's why we have been around for 36+ years, while tons of other Columbus exterior companies that followed the standard advice are no longer in business.

We've Proven That Homeowners LOVE A Company With Integrity

We like to keep our customers happy by sticking to our values. For example:

Here's The Good News…

The great thing about doing business with integrity is that it works! Do top quality work at reasonable and fair prices and people love it. All the conventional wisdom that you need to cut corners to succeed is simply untrue. The proof of that is that we've been around since 1979 and are still going strong, while the 'quick buck' artists come and go out of business all the time.

If you want a different kind of experience that leads to results Columbus homeowners love, contact Hanawalt Exteriors.