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What Materials Should You Choose For The Windows In Your Home?

Posted August 15, 2015

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Of all the renovations, improvements and repairs you can make in your home, not many have as big an impact as new windows. Not only do spacious, well-built windows offer pleasant views, but they let in natural light and add to the ambiance of any room. If you feel it is time to replace the windows in your home, you have got some big decisions to make. Whether your old ones are wearing out or are outdated, there are plenty of replacement options for windows in Columbus.


Fiberglass windows offer several attractive attributes you might look for when shopping for replacement windows in Columbus. Energy efficient, maintenance free and durable are just a few pros when choosing fiberglass as an option. Another added bonus is that fiberglass windows have the ability to custom paint the exterior and custom stain or paint the interior. Should you want to change the look of your windows at some point down the road, this is a fantastic option for homeowners.


A few things to consider when weighing your options with wood windows are cost, style and warranty. You may select wood windows if they match your homes character. For example, older, historic homes may be a perfect match for the elegant feel of wood windows. There are many wood types and custom stain finishes to select from. Wood windows may be a little harder on your wallet than the previously mentioned fiberglass windows but, as a customer we want to make sure you get exactly the product you are looking for.


As the number one choice for replacement windows in Columbus, vinyl is a very viable option for homeowners. Like the fiberglass option if you are looking to go green we have options to make this dream a reality. Also vinyl windows offer reasonably priced choices so you would not feel like you are draining your pocketbook by selecting this option.

Choosing replacement windows in Columbus does not have to be complicated. Know what materials are available and choose the style that makes the most sense to you and your home. No matter what window frame-type you select, Hanawalt Exteriors offers a lifetime workmanship and service warranty.

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