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Which Type of Window Fits Your Home Best?

Posted March 30, 2015

Replacement Windows Columbus

When it comes to purchasing replacement windows in Columbus or merely searching for options in a new construction, there can be a lot of doubt left regarding what your choices are and how they will function with your home. Most people only take note of the standard windows vinyl, wood or fiberglass frame windows without so much as taking a look at the cool alternatives available to them that could add a great deal of style to any home.

Casement windows are an option which were once popular, but have faded into obscurity over the decades. Rather than opening up or down in a sliding fashion, the glass on these windows swings outwards like a small pair of double doors, allowing the homeowner to more thoroughly enjoy the outdoor area beyond when the weather is good. At the opposite end of the spectrum of openness is the fixed window, an addition which does not open at all. Chiefly, these are meant as decorative additions, simply to let light into a room while adding an interesting piece to look at. Normally, these are used for bathrooms or other rooms in which a window might not normally be opened to the outside world.

Though they are not normally used in most residential areas, awning and hopper-style windows might be perfect for the small business owner looking to give their place of business a makeover. These windows swing outwards to allow in fresh air, but do so in a unique way that helps to maintain the general feel of a closed-off room, preventing rain or other undesirable particles from coming in. They offer a sleek, modern look to any space.

While these are some of the most popular options when it comes to replacement windows in Columbus, assessing your own needs when it comes to the appearance and functionality of various spaces in your home as well as the limits of your budget should help you make the decision more easily.

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