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Don't Trust Your Replacement Roof To Just Any Roofer…
It's Just Too Important.

We're The PROVEN Columbus Roofing Company - We've Been In Business Since 1979.

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When it comes to replacing your roof, the company you select is VERY important. This is true for two reasons.

For one, poor roof installation means you'll end up replacing your roof again much too soon. The quality of the installers matters A LOT.

The other reason is that a replacement roof is a more sizeable investment than most home improvements AND your replacement roof will help prevent damage to other parts of your home (that is assuming it is installed correctly!).

For those reasons, always go with a proven, experienced Columbus roofing company.

Hanawalt Exteriors is as proven as they come in the Columbus area: We've been around since 1979, with a spotless reputation, including a complaint-free, A+ record with the Better Business Bureau.

In other words, we are the exact opposite of risky and unproven.

The Materials Make A Difference, Too.

A proven company with the highest installation standards is the key to a replacement roof. But top-quality materials are also crucial.

That's why we recommend and install products from CertainTeed. Here is what makes CertainTeed a great choice:

CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster

Reliable: CertainTeed has been around for more than 100 years and they stand behind their products. In an industry that sees companies come and go, we prefer a manufacturer that has proven staying power.

Beautiful: CertainTeed shingles are not just incredibly durable, they also look great. A side-by-side comparison with typical shingles tells the story.

Honest: CertainTeed makes it a policy to publish the weight of their products. This is important, because heavier in roofing products means it is more durable. By being honest and transparent with their data, we can help you make a more educated choice.

Expert Installation Crews

We've been installing roofs in the Columbus area for decade after decade. It's hard to believe, but some roofing companies hire temporary day laborers - sometimes with very little supervision!

With us, no one touches your roof unless they are fully trained, fully supervised, and have a 'get-it-done-right' attitude. Our crews know that shortcuts and sloppy work are completely unacceptable. Our installers get the details right.

If you want to discover more, contact us for a free consultation. We don't use sales pressure. You'll get a friendly education on your options and a free quote.