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The Best Choice For Fiberglass Windows In Columbus

Beechworth Windows: Durable, Beautiful, & Energy Efficient.

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We confidently recommend Beechworth Windows to Columbus homeowners because they are tops in the four areas that matter most: they're super-strong, beautiful, energy efficient, and maintenance-free.

Let's look at each of these areas.


The key to the durability and strength of Beechworth windows is the frame. The frames are the most insulated frame among competitors and outperforms and outlasts vinyl, roll-form aluminum, and other fiberglass composites.

Beechworth has been proven to be fifteen times stronger than vinyl with five times less movement than aluminum clad windows. When you choose Beechworth, you're getting a rock-solid, durable window.


Yes, windows need to perform well and be strong - but they need to look great, too. These windows compare well with wood windows in appearance, but without all the maintenance issues of wood. Not only that, but these windows STAY beautiful because Beechworth Windows resist fading, chalking, peeling and cracking.

One of the best things about Beechworth windows is they look great from inside the home, too. On the outside you get the super-tough, weather resistant Beechworth exterior. On the inside, you get a rich wood interior. The interior is bare pine which can be stained or painted to perfectly match the interior of your home.

One more important note about the beauty of Beechworth windows: the exteriors of these windows are paintable. They look great either way, but it is always an option to have them painted to your exact specifications. This flexibility is an advantage over vinyl replacement windows, which cannot be painted.

Energy Efficient

Beechworth windows meet or exceed EnergyStar standards, which means you can save money on your energy bill month in and month out. Windows are a major factor in heating and cooling loss in a home and investing in replacement windows can have a significant impact.

Different climates have different challenges. That's why we love the flexibility of the different glass packages available for these windows. We can help you find energy efficient windows that are the right fit for the climate in Columbus.

Be sure to talk with us about your different options. We want to help you make your home more comfortable for less money with superior replacement windows.


One of the great things about new replacement windows is you can 'set them and forget them'. At most you'll have to clean them as needed. (Of course, you do have the OPTION to paint these windows, but only if it's what you want).

As we mentioned above, these windows are specifically made to resist the chalking and fading you see with cheaper windows.

Services - Beechworth Windows

Our Amazing Additional Warranty Protection On Every Window
We Install

Besides excellent manufacturer warranties, every single window we install comes with the exclusive Hanawalt Exteriors' Lifetime Labor & Service Warranty. If anything goes wrong because of a workmanship defect, we take care of it for free for a lifetime.

Summary - The Best Choice For Fiberglass Windows in Columbus

The The bottom line for Columbus homeowners: if you want durable, beautiful, lifetime windows, Beechworth is a superb choice.

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